Thread Contributor: TickPickWickCan someone paste me a cheat so it's undetected? I pay.
I need a new cheat.
I prefer external but it can be internal as well as long as its stealthy, I wanna cheat at LAN.. don't need visuals just aimbot + triggerbot something legit.
I already bought a private hack that's great but it's HWID locked on my PC, I need something free of that but that's also UD.

I understand the source you'll use is detected but can you make it undetected with enough junkcode and remove/edit whatever features.

I need something that can be used like next to people without them realizing ur cheating.

I'll pay on paypal to whoever can help me.
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I can paste it, add me on Discord : m0uka#2896
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I can paste it too ;)
discord: augustas102030#5429
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